In today's technology-driven environment, date-seekers expect to find a more precise match on dating websites than the needle-in-a-haystack approach.

MatchScale is:

Scientific - Using the most up-to-date research, we match people using both similarity and complementary trait theories.

Comprehensive - We can measure more than 150 attributes, including personality traits, relationship philosophies, communication styles and general values.

Adaptable - Select only the attributes you want in order to design a product that fits your needs and budget.

Uncomplicated - Completely database driven, this product can be easily integrated into any website.

[Download our informative PDF file] for details on the MatchScale system. If you would like more information or would like to speak to one of our sales representatives, please [contact us].

«MatchScale uses the most current and reliable psychological theories to provide test takers with valuable insight into their daily lives and romantic entanglements. Asking questions that speak to the issues all couples encounter, MatchScale gets to the heart of understanding individuals and their relationship needs.»

Ilona Jerabek, Ph. D.
President of PsychTests, creator of MatchScale


Follow-up questions are customized according to the test takers' previous responses and their personal lifestyle preferences.
The Personal Report contains an exhaustive overview of the 152 attributes being measured.
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